A Gentleman


A gentleman is a story about Gaurav who is on a mission to settle down. He is in the process of trying to charm Kavya into creating life with him and getting married. However, Kavya dreads the thought of taking the plunge and settling down. Her only wish is that her “sundar susheel” gentleman lives life to the full, with a little more risk and excitement. However, things take an interesting twist when an assignment takes Gaurav to Mumbai.

Meet Gaurav

Sundar & susheel Gaurav is content with his ‘same shit different day’ routine and dreaming about settling down with the girl of his dreams, Kavya and having his ‘happily ever after.’ When a case of mistaken identity rocks Gaurav’s life, he stands to lose everything he has worked so hard for! Meet Gaurav, the man who stands everything to lose if he doesn’t solve the riddle of his current predicament.

Meet Rishi

Who is Rishi? Where is he from? What does he want? You are in for a treat with the Risky Rishi and his secretive avatar. Bones will be broken and guns will go blazing! Meet the Sundar, Not So Susheel and Risky Rishi!

Meet Kavya

Meet Kavya, the impulsive, emotional, all-heart girl who loves a little bit of thrill! She is someone who likes being unpredictable & adventurous at times. Kavya wouldn’t mind breaking a rule or two just to experience a bit of rush. Here’s everything you need to know about Kavya, which will make you go mad.

Jacqueline in Action

Who said girls can’t get risky? Watch Kavya kick ass as she takes on goons. She loves her guns as much as she loves her man to be Risky. The sexy Kavya shows you a risky side like never before. Watch out for Jacqueline in Action!