We Choose Sara Ali Khan Over Janhvi Kapoor. Here’s Why.


In 2018, Janhvi Kapoor stepped into Bollywood with Dhadak and Sara Ali Khan with Kedarnath, making glorious yet humble beginnings in our mighty industry. Amidst major competition, we saw them create a mark of their own and spread waves of love and fanatism around the country.

And although there is nothing beyond healthy competition between the two, we couldn’t help but pit them against each other on the basis of their extremely similar characters in their debut films. Both of them played simpletons from small towns, both belonged to influential families, both rebelled for love and (spoiler alert!) both ended up losing their lovers to tragedy. The emotional graph of their films was basically… ditto.

We watched their films, their interviews, their social media personalities and of course the most crucial of them all - their Koffee With Karan debuts!! And our hearts couldn’t help but pick Sara Ali Khan over Jahnvi Kapoor. There’s just something about Sara that is innately attractive, something we can’t quite put a finger on, but we tried to list a few attributes we absolutely love!

She’s Super Grounded for.. a Princess

We all know Sara was born into royalty, she’s an heiress to the Pataudi throne, with stars as family members and early exposure to the film industry was the cherry on the cake. Nonetheless, we haven’t seen a glimpse of pride or haughtiness in Sara. In fact, we fear she’s way too grounded for a princess. The video above is proof that she was as excited as anyone would be about their debut film. Well, if we were her we’d rather have a special screening, no?

Her Simplicity

Seeing an actress, moreover, a newcomer, post simple, no make-up pictures on Instagram, where she isn’t even wearing designer clothes of jewellery is truly a breath of fresh air! This is what real people and real girls look like, minus a team of 10 people and photoshop to make them look unrealistically appealing. Kudos for keeping it real, girl!

Being Expressive comes to her Naturally

Be it her onscreen avatars, her brand endorsements or her interviews, she is extremely animated with her mannerisms. Which by the way is adorable! In her debut on Koffee With Karan, she basically spills the beans about her crush on Kartik Aaryan, which Saif Ali Khan had an absurd reaction to. Anyway, it’s lovely to see Sara wear her heart on her sleeve. She’s as extra as Kareena Kapoor Khan was at 23.

Her love for her Family and Traditions

Sara Ali Khan adores her family and loves her traditions, and that is out in the open for the world to see on her Instagram account. She regularly posts pictures with her fam; above is the cutest Raksha Bandhan celebration the world has ever seen! Yes, Taimur Ali Khan may be another reason why we’re obsessed with this particular gene pool. Or the only reason. We’ll keep you guessing.

#TeamSara all the way!