Spotlight: Kangana Ranaut


Call her Queen, Datto, Simran or Manikarnika, the feisty and daring Kangana Ranaut has created her own glorious niche in Bollywood. Onscreen she enkindles pure magic and offscreen she roars like a lioness that sets everyone straight with her no-filter attitude.

Apart from being wooed by her exquisite fashion sense, the media is often talking about her controversial statements that are more often than not absolutely on point.

Most of us already have an idea about who Kangana Ranaut is as a person - a boss lady! But instead of her controversial statements, let’s put some of her kickass inspirational statements under a bright spotlight to get a clearer picture of who this three-time National Award winner really is.

Coming from Manali, Himachal Pradesh, Kangana was brought up in a simple environment, a place where a movie theatre was nowhere in her vicinity. This naive small-town girl strived through her debut film Gangster at a budding age of 19 and made her initial mark in Bollywood, but her simplicity shined on.

“In 2007, when I won an award as Best Debutant for Gangster, I had no idea what a red carpet was and what the fashion police was, so in my head, I thought I’d go as I would go for a wedding”

This girl later, as we are all aware, went on to become a fashion icon.

She has dealt with her struggles in her career and personal life with utmost honesty and courage.

“It’s important for me to be honest about my struggles”

She is not afraid to be opinionated; she shares her perspective with the world.

“I will continue to say what I feel, I could be right or wrong but I will continue because it is my fundamental right and I should exercise it.”

In her popular interview with Rajat Sharma on Aaj Ki Adalat, she also mentioned her will to keep experimenting with her characters as much as possible.

“I don’t want to be associated with done-and-dusted roles, it’s a new era of films in our industry so it’s time to project better characters too.”

Her love for cinema knows no bound and it’s empowering to see her play strong-headed, feminist roles that inspire the youth.

“Sometimes I tend to take the liberty of injecting these little things (nuances relating to feminism) in my characters.”

She is also known for her rebellious nature. Her stubbornness to follow her dreams and ambitions is almost infectious.

“I have to either stop or be a rebel, I don’t have another option”

There’s a lot to learn from this woman of valour - take charge, do not compromise, keep going strong, believe in your dreams and let the truth prevail.

“I only want to stand for the truth, and so far I have managed well.”

Kangana Ranaut’s next project ‘Mental Hai Kya’ with Rajkumar Rao is a comedy thriller set to release this March, and looking at its posters we can tell it’s going to be a chartbuster.

All hail the queen!