Monsoons bring out the Bollywood in everyone!

The peculiar smell of first rains of monsoon often makes me reminisce about the era of Raj Kapoor & Nargis romancing under their umbrella while singing pyaar hua ikraar hua!


Things That Happen When You Meet A Celebrity

Funny things happen when you meet a celebrity. I speak from experience. Living in Mumbai has its perks, and I’ve found myself exactly where these B-town biggies were a few lucky times.


My Life Is A Movie: How Bollywood Defines Most Indians

Over the years I have observed how Indian Cinema has created a universe of its own, an aspirational bubble that every Indian craves to be a part of!


From Romantic Dramas to Fresh New Genres, How Bollywood has evolved

We’re not saying Bollywood didn’t have any other genre, we sure did. But somehow the base theme of action, comedy, thriller, or even sci-fi film was always a mushy love story.


Gender Pay Gap in Bollywood & Why Deepika Padukone Called It Out

How do we feel about the same industry when they go about with the age-old and unfair practice of the gender pay gap! Well, times have changed and the Bollywood woman of today like to speak their heart out.


Has Bollywood grown out of 'happy endings'?

We’re talking about Bollywood going beyond the idea of happy endings. They’re starting to experiment with open-endings and looming curiosity.


Being A Badass Villain: Boon or Curse in Bollywood?

No doubt these nasty Villains give us the creeps! But If you give it a thought, the iconic villain-dialogues are more famous than the heroic ones.


Our obsession for Celebrity Weddings

What we find hilarious and borderline crazy, is the obsessive reaction that follows a celebrity wedding, and ‘viral’ doesn’t even begin to describe the maniacal internet frenzy about them.