From Romantic Dramas to Fresh New Genres, How Bollywood has evolved


There was a time, not long ago, when Bollywood was synonymous to romantic movies where protagonists danced around trees and ran towards each other in slow-mo, while the wind blew their hair dramatically. You know the drill. We’re not saying Bollywood didn’t have any other genre, we sure did. But somehow the base theme of action, comedy, thriller, or even sci-fi(Mr.India, Robot, Krish) film was always a mushy love story.

Cut to Bollywood today, there’s classy – Raazi, Andhadhun, Stree, Badhaai Ho; there’s massy – Sanju, Padmaavat, Simmba; and everything in between. Romance may not be completely out of the window just yet, but it has surely gone from being the base theme to a supporting sidekick, where the ending is not always a happy one. Progress!

Realism is a concept that is taken far more seriously in this new age cinema than ever before. Real-life stories and historical events are being transferred beautifully onto the silver screen. Bollywood is also experimenting with different genres, trying to test the waters, and the audience is definitely adapting and growing to love it. For instance, in the past year, we saw two films from the Horror genre – Pari and Stree – which starred big-time artists like Anushka Sharma in the former and Rajkumar Rao in the latter. Both of them did well, and no, the actors did not get typecast either.