Monsoons bring out the Bollywood in everyone!


The peculiar smell of first rains of monsoon often makes me reminisce about the era of Raj Kapoor & Nargis romancing under their umbrella while singing pyaar hua ikraar hua.

While I breathe in the aura of my favourite season, I hear my dad humming Rajesh Khanna’s bheegi bheegi raaton mein, somehow sounding so much like Kishore Kumar. Which makes me wonder if my dad could’ve made it as a playback singer.

I realise dad married the perfect match when I catch my mom crooning rim jhim gire saawan while reading the newspaper.

This is when I realise the overwhelming truth about the rains - they bring out the Bollywood in everyone!

There’s something melodic and ceremonious about them that makes you want to sing and dance. No wonder every romantic movie has a cute rain song or scene. Remember chak dhoom dhoom from Dil toh pagal hai? I smile to myself when I realise I know all the steps to that song! Well, no surprises there.

The best part about the rains are surprise midweek holidays or a surprise long weekend. This is exactly when I prepare a special movie marathon list. This time around, here’s what it includes..

  1. Taal - a tale of forbidden love that tears them apart and it all turns into a musical saga that’s breathtaking and beautiful. You’ll be singing its tunes long after the movie ends!

  2. Dil Toh Pagal Hai - a love quadrangle that gets rather emotional because everyone believes in fairy tales. This one a typical YRF movie that you watch with a smile plastered to your face.. with an occasional teary-eyed moment. Perfect.

  3. Mr. India - possibly India’s first ever science fiction that was a massive blockbuster! A rollercoaster ride that has action, drama, romance, and everything to keep you raving for more. This movie takes me back to childhood, watch it to know why!

  4. RHTDM - apparently, “all is fair in love” & this movie has taken way too much liberty from that quote. Adorable scenes with catchy songs make this a quintessential rainy day cinematic experience.

  5. Hum Tum - the famous war of the sexes takes a rather interesting turn when two haters serendipitously meet over and over again in different phases of life. The animated versions of both the characters will keep you giggling in this movie!

  6. Jab We Met - this movie fits every occasion, it’s charming enough to lighten your mood and bring out your inner child. Romance is not the focus here, it’s much more, it’s about self-love and love for your life.

Prepping for this marathon I switch the TV on, all cosied up in my couch, occasionally mimicking the dialogues and dance-steps. I couldn’t be happier. This is the Best. Day. Ever.

What’s your movie marathon list like?