Our obsession for Celebrity Weddings


A wedding wave has been engulfing us ever since Virushka got married in December 2017. Starting with the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry in June 2018, the Game Of Thrones wedding of Kit and Rose in June 2018, and now the DeepVeer wedding that took place just last week, which will be followed by Priyanka and Nick tying the knot in December, plus a couple of 100 that we may have missed in the middle. Is it just us, or have all the famous people signed up to get married before the world ends in 2019?

Don’t get us wrong, we love weddings, two happy(popular) souls deciding to spend a lifetime together. Wow. That’s the stuff of dreams. What we find hilarious and borderline crazy, is the obsessive reaction that follows, and ‘viral’ doesn’t even begin to describe the maniacal internet frenzy about these weddings. Here are the top four categories of reactions you’ll find on the internet.

FOMO - the fear of missing out on the wedding

These are the kind of people who don’t care about the couple but they just wish to attend their wedding, even though they’re complete strangers. They want to wear great clothes, click great photos and have a great social media account for instant virtual validation. You will find them staring at their phone screens all day long and hating their lives to a point that they’d do anything to trade lives with a famous somebody. We know you know someone who does this, if you don’t, it’s probably you. wink

Sob Story of Singlehood

There are also people who look at these “fairytale” weddings and develop a hatred for their singlehood. Because according to Indian cinema, marriage should be everyone’s ultimate goal anyway, and celeb weddings are so darned beautiful, they make married people want another wedding!! To which we have to say, your net worth isn’t Rs.154 crores like Ranveer and Deepika’s, so hold your horses.

It’s all in the details

People who comment on, DM and screenshot wedding photos and write “couple goals”, fall into this category. They’re the ones who are interested in every tiny detail. What did the mother, father and sister wear? Did Sabyasachi give them the clothes free of cost for advertising them? How much did the jewellery cost? It’s a matter of life and death to know it all.

Hate Attention

As much as we love a good laugh, memes have started to sound forced. The internet thinks it’s their duty to have an opinion and share it via hate comments or forced memes. Amongst every 50 congratulatory comments you will find one loser who will abuse the couple for no reason at all. Which makes people in this category worse than the fanatics, because at least those people aren’t spreading hate.

Relatable much? You know who you are and which category you fall in. Above all, there’s a deep sadness that some people feel because their expectations sore sky high after seeing picture perfect weddings; they may never be happy with the tough realities of an actual marriage. After all, it’s true what they say, we all want a dream wedding, not a marriage.

Also, it’s important to imagine that, if we gave the same amount of attention to, or had the same reaction about, politics or the environment, the world wouldn’t have dictatorship disguised as democracy and we wouldn’t be expecting doomsday any time soon. But we rather scroll through our feeds than plant a tree, right?

Meanwhile, the only internet crazies we loved throughout the DeepVeer wedding circus, were Indian advertisers, who jumped on the ‘band’wagon and caught our eye with witty phrases and visuals!

https://www.instagram.com/p/BqKQvcMn_eW/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BqKGUF4B3mg/

Way to go brand strategists!

To sum it up, the irony is, I wrote a 600-word article about celebrity weddings and joined this Godforsaken conversation myself. Which proves that, in the world of web, you can love celeb weddings, or hate celeb wedding, but you can’t possibly ignore them. BTW, did you see the latest image PC uploaded with Nick? He’s in India, right in time for wedding preps, who’s excited?

Comment below the craziest reaction you’ve seen on the internet for a celeb wedding!