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10 celebs who worked on some Bollywood projects free of cost!

It’s not always about the money and celebs prove so when they star in movies without expecting a paycheck. Be it for courtesy’s sake or…

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Padmaavat vs Pad Man

When an immensely controversial movie – Padmaavat is finally about to release after it’s many milestones, the buzz around it is ought to be more…

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Check out these Celebrity Instagram Feeds!

How lucky are we to be born in an age where we can connect with our favourite celebs on a daily basis. Be it with…

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How Bollywood celebrated Christmas 2017

As the winter breeze brought in the joy of Holidays, Bollywood made the most of this long weekend. While most spent it with their family…

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Watch out for the Cross-Promotion fever!

Celebs love turning their movie promotions into something fun. Remember that time when Ranveer Singh took the Bang Bang challenge? Or Sonam Kapoor’s Dubsmash challenge…

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Why Akshay Kumar Deserves All Our Love!

Akshay Kumar made it to the Forbes highest paid actors list this year and won the National Award for Best Actor. He has also won…

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Stars with a heart – Celebrities that love charity

The power of fame knows no bounds, and when the famous opt to do good, it seldom goes unnoticed. Some of our reel-life heroes can…

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From Shahrukh to Priyanka.. Most Stars Are In Love With Production!

It’s all about the moolah.. then why would some Bollywood stars risk it by producing movies? Because, the kind of publicity that movies get with…

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If Bollywood Would Remake Superhero Movies..

Ever wondered what it would be like to remake Bollywood versions of our all time favourite superhero movies, and star Bollywood’s best as Batman or…

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5 Bollywood Movies That Gave Us Thug Life Goals

A dialogue that makes you blow a whistle, or a fight scene that makes you cheer on for more makes for a perfect thug life…

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